See You Yesterday Book Review

Hi everyone! Today I’m going be reviewing See You Yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon.

Rating: ✯✯✯✯✯

See You Yesterday follows the protagonist, Barrett, on her first day of college (September 21st). After the disaster that was high school, Barrett is hoping for a fresh start – but her whole day goes wrong, with humiliation in her physics class, a bad interview for the college paper and, to top it all off, a truly disastrous party. After fleeing the scene, she hopes to find solace in her dorm, only to find herself locked out – but when she wakes up the next morning she finds herself in her dorm room bed… And it’s September 21st again. She soon learns that she’s not alone, and that the guy in her physics class has been trapped for months. As the two work together to try and fix their timelines, they start falling for each other – but what will happen if they finally make it to tomorrow?

I really enjoyed See You Yesterday! I had really high expectations of this going in – it was my most anticipated July release, and I loved Today Tonight Tomorrow by the same author – and I’m really pleased to say it met all of these and more. I’ve said this a couple of times recently but it was one of my favourite reads of the year – I’ve been having a really great reading year so far, so hopefully that continues!

I think it goes without saying that the thing which stood out the most in this book was the time travel aspect. Reading Barrett and Miles repeat the same day over and over again was really interesting – as were their attempts to escape the loop! I also really enjoyed reading what they did on each different day, with things being kept fresh and interesting. The adventures the two went on were so much fun!

I also really enjoyed the relationship Barrett and Miles shared – particularly the gradual progression of it. The two didn’t exactly get on very well at the beginning, which meant reading this journey was all the sweeter! It was lovely reading them come together more and gradually fall for each other, and I was rooting for them throughout. I loved how open they were with each other and there were so many cute moments between them, which meant I was really pleased when they finally got together!

Of course, friendship also made up a considerable chunk of the book. Each September 21st, Barrett would awake to her new roommate (and high school nemesis), Lucie, arriving in her room, complaining about a mix up. Although this wasn’t the focus of the book I really enjoyed reading their interactions, and, on some days, their attempts to reconcile. There’s definitely a lot of potential there for a lovely friendship so I really hope there’s a sequel!

Family also played a really important role in this. I loved how close Barrett and her mum were and thought the two had a really great relationship, which is always really positive to see. I also loved that her mum ran a stationery store (how cute is that?!) and how supportive her mum was of her even when she was at college. It was really refreshing to read when most YA books portray characters with problematic relationships with their parents.

The character development was also really amazing! I loved reading both Barrett and Miles evolve as the book progressed. I really enjoyed reading Miles come out of his shell a bit more and Barrett learning more about what being herself actually entailed. I thought both of their journeys were really lovely and the character development truly was top-tier!

I also really enjoyed the different adventures the two went on. Despite being stuck on a time loop of the same day, Barrett and Miles managed to do some really fun things together, which was absolutely lovely to read. Some of the highlights included getting involved in fun activities happening around college, awesome days out, and, of course, getting involved in the proposal to Barrett’s mum. There truly were so many cute moments!

The hunt to escape the loop was also really interesting. Naturally, both Barrett and Miles were incredibly frustrated by their predicament, which kept things really tense throughout. Reading their different attempts to escape it was really fun, with the highlight being their visit to a time travel expert. I was really curious about whether or not they’d be successful and it definitely kept me reading!

Overall, I would recommend See You Yesterday for any fan of contemporaries, as the romance in this was amazing and there were so many other amazing elements you’d expect from the genre! I’d also recommend it to those who enjoy a book with a little bit of time travel, as it was really well done here.

Have you read See You Yesterday yet? Will you be adding it to your TBR? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this review!


47 thoughts on “See You Yesterday Book Review

  1. Ooo I’m actually really loving the sound of this. I love the way the characters evolve with the book and I’ll defiantly have to check this out for myself. Thank you for sharing such a in-depth, amazing review! Xo

    Elle –

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  2. This sounds like a brilliant read to me. I’d love to know what happens to them both and if they can fix the timeline. The character development sounds great too- I’ll add it to my list 😀. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Ooh I haven’t heard of Russian Doll before but I’ll have to add it to my list of things to watch, they do sound similar! Thank you so much for reading and commenting and for the recommendation.


  3. It’s always the best feeling when something you’ve been looking forward to exceeds your expectations! This books sounds so lovely, especially the friendship aspect. I’m so intrigued when it comes to the loop! Wonderful review Ceri!

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  4. ahhh this has been on my tbr for a while, I can’t wait to get to it now after reading your review!!! I love close familial relationships too so I’m so excited for this!! ❤

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