The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue Book Review

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be reviewing The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue by V. E. Schwab.

Rating: ✯✯✯✯✯

The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue follows the protagonist, Addie, and her truly remarkable life. After making a deadly deal to live forever, she is cursed to be forgettable by everyone, living a lonely life of culture and art but without any companions… Until she meets Henry, nearly 300 years later, who remembers her.

I think it would be a crime to review The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue without mentioning how truly exquisite the writing was. Schwab’s writing style was so beautiful, and I really loved all of the descriptions. The imagery and language was absolutely superb, and I don’t think I’ve read another book where the writing was quite as well done as this one, so I really applaud Schwab for that!

Addie’s character was also truly remarkable. I really admired her courage and her bravery when faced with such an impossible situation. Her free spirit and rebellious nature only made me love her character more and she was definitely very relatable – her drive to see the world in particular really resonated with me! Addie was definitely one of my favourite characters from the books I’ve read so far this year, and, ironically, truly unforgettable.

Of course, Schwab also included some very relatable themes through both of the main characters. I think lots of people will be able to relate to Addie’s struggles in terms of defying what is expected of them and also the pressures of marriage. Similarly, Henry’s difficulties with feeling unloved and wanting to be seen as who he truly was is also something I think lots of readers would relate to. I really enjoyed Schwab’s exploration of both of these characters’ struggles as it made the book more realistic, which was so important considering the premise.

Addie and Henry’s romance was also beautiful. Their relationship was so perfectly written and I loved reading about all of the adventures they experienced together. Of course, it wasn’t just adventures they shared – Schwab also explored moments of every day comfort and how special they can be, too – which just made their story that much more realistic. Addie and Henry were just so right together, and I loved them right from the very beginning.

The travel aspect was also something I really loved. Having lived 300 years, Addie had managed to travel to a lot of places, and I really enjoyed reading about them. I think my favourite place would definitely have to be Paris, which I have been hoping to visit for years, so I really loved reading the little glimpses that Schwab offered. The exploration of New York was also super interesting, as well as all of the other different cities included in Addie’s history.

Of course, Addie’s history wasn’t the only history explored – there was also the general history included. From the French Revolution through to the world wars, it was certainly very interesting to read Addie experience it all first hand. I really loved reading this and it was fascinating seeing Schwab’s ideas of where Addie would fit into it all – it only added to my admiration of her.

The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue also had a very clear and strong focus on art. As part of her curse, Addie couldn’t make a mark – which included writing and drawing – but she still managed to make her mark on the world. Her creativity was really lovely to see and I loved reading about all the different pieces of art she inspired.

The magic was also extremely interesting. The dark god Addie had made the deal with – Luc – really intrigued me and it was fascinating seeing him use his magic when he visited Addie on their anniversary. The power he held over people was certainly a little disturbing but I still really enjoyed reading what he was capable of, in terms of his magic. The concept of the gods as a whole and their magic was also very creative!

Of course, Luc himself was also very interesting. I certainly had mixed feelings towards his character – his cruelty towards Addie at the beginning was unpleasant, although later on he did some really lovely things for her – and now, a week after reading the book, I still can’t quite figure out what to make of him. I think this is definitely a nod to Schwab’s talent as it takes a lot to write such complex characters!

Overall, I would recommend The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue to anyone who loves beautifully written fantasies with some truly unforgettable characters. I would also recommend it to any fan of romance, as Schwab crafted such a beautifully unique one that made me fall in love with reading all over again.

I hope you enjoyed this review!


37 thoughts on “The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue Book Review

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this too! This was actually my first book of the author’s but I’ve got a few more on my tbr and you’ve made me intrigued, haha. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!


  1. I hadn’t heard of this one but it sounds fascinating! I love the unique idea behind it and that she travels a lot. Paris is one of my favourite cities too!

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  2. This sounds like a really great fantasy book. I like how there’s history thrown in there as well. I’m really intrigued by this concept, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation and wonderful review as always! ❤️

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    1. It definitely is, I really enjoyed it! So did I, I found it super interesting – as well as the whole concept, haha. I really hope you enjoy it, thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment such kind words ❤


  3. At first I was thinking this storyline would be a boring one, but it actually sounds intriguing after reading your review. I’m so curious how the two characters come together and build their love story even with the obvious challenges. Thanks so much for sharing about this one! 🙂

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    1. Ooh it definitely is, I’d really recommend giving it a try! The characters’ and their love story was honestly so interesting, it took a while for it to develop but it was so worth it. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment 🙂

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  4. This sounds like such an intriguing book! I love that it has travel included (always a bonus for me). Thanks for sharing a wonderful review.

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    1. It definitely is! I’m so glad to hear that you like the sound of it, they were definitely some of my favourite aspects. I really hope you enjoy, thank you so much for reading and commenting!


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